Glass Repair
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Glass Types

Your choice of glass will need to be determined by its purpose & location, as well as your level of comfort. Australian Building Standards are always met and and we are happy to guide you through this process and provide certification.

Laminated Clear FloatSafety, security & noise control.Windows and Doors
Translucent Laminated Float GlassPrivacy & soft lightingWindows and Doors
Laminated & Insulated GlassThermal controlWindows and Doors
Insulated & Acoustic Laminated GlassThermal control & noise reduction.Windows and Doors
Acoustic Laminated GlassSuperior noise reductionScreens, Windows and Doors
Toughened GlassSuperior strength & heat resilience.Splashbacks and Showerscreens
High Performance Double GlazingThe ultimate in comfort for your homeWindows and Doors
UV Glass99% UV light absorption. Protect your timber floors & soft furnishings from fadingWindows and Doors
Acid-Etched Glass (MATELUX)Privacy & light reduction.Anywhere
Double Glazed UnitsDouble or triple glazed window panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.Windows and Doors
Double-Glazed Bushfire-Rated GlassPeace of mind in bushfire prone areas.Windows and Doors
Patterned-Etched GlassVisual designs for privacy and light reduction.Screens, Windows and Doors
Textured GlassLight diffusion & privacy.Screens, Windows and Doors
Premium Float GlassA general clear vision & quality productPerfect for Picture Framing
Digitally Printed GlassDigitally printed toughened glass screens and splash-backs. Inside or Out. Add a unique and eye-catching HD design. We use 6mm toughened “low iron” glass. Digitally sprayed & coated for strength & resilience.Splashbacks and Screens
Coloured Glass Splashbacks6mm toughened glass, in Clear (with iron) or “Starphire” (low iron) depending on your colour. Iron gives glass a green tinge and is not suitable for whites and other paler colours.Splashbacks and Screens
Coloured Glass EffectsWe like to keep up with the trends in glass painting effects and techniques, so please ask us for help if you are unsure of what to choose. Our most popular effects are ‘Metallic’ and ‘Sparkle’.Splashbacks and Screens
Pet DoorsAll our TRANSCAT pet doors have a; - 4-way locking system and 2-way flaps. - Magnetic Catch - Tough, Polycarbonate Construction - Clear - Unobtrusive AppearanceDoors and Lower Window Panels