Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
without you there, the room grew small.

MIRRORS – Custom Cut To Your Requirements.

If you are upgrading your bathroom or creating a unique place in your home, mirrors give you the appearance of space, enhanced light and colour reflection. Glass HQ can cut mirrors to any size and shape.   Our mirrors are durable, long lasting and installed to meet Australian Standards.

Polished & Bevelled Edgework.


Bevelled Edge Mirrors – are a stylish addition to any area. The 45° angled edge, acts as a frame for the mirror, giving classic character to the piece. This edge is then polished and smoothed.

Sizing a Bathroom Mirror.

In general Bathroom Mirrors should be centered over the sink. When choosing the size of your mirror, you should consider both function and proportion. To create a balanced look, think about the size of your mirror relative to that of your vanity. Typically, bathroom mirrors are not wider than the vanity itself. A common approach is to make the mirror exactly as wide as the vanity so the two line up correctly.

If you have a wide vanity, especially one with multiple sinks, you have the option of using multiple mirrors or one single mirror wide enough to service both.

With respect to height, a functional mirror needs only to reach about 30 centimeters above and below the eye line of the people using it.  The more height you can get, the better because it provides more viewing angles and a more open look to space. Try to reach at least 1.2 to 2 meters above the floor.

Wall To Wall Mirrors.

You can use mirror glass to fill the whole bathroom wall, often running above the toilet as well. This approach gives you a larger mirror, which can go a long way toward making a compact bathroom feel twice the size.

Using Mirror as a wall to wall product is more cost-effective than using tiles or stone.

Bathroom & Mirror Packages.

Glass HQ offers discounts for Shower Screens & Bathroom Mirrors for customers completing a complete bathroom renovation.

Mirrored Glass Splashbacks.

These are a great choice if you want to open up your space by bouncing light & reflections around the room.  Mirrored glass is available with a silver or bronze tint. As with all our splashbacks, mirrored glass 6mm thick heat resistant safety glass.  Please note:  Mirrored splashbacks reflect what’s on your kitchen benchtops, including all your clutter and mess, so please be 100% sure this product suits your lifestyle.